News of the Laboratory of Historical Informatics


Laboratory of Historical Geoinformatics at the Institute of World History RAS and the Russian State Archive of Ancient Documents launched web-GIS "Russian Drawings of the XVIIth century", which allows the Internet user to get access to the complex of ancient Russian drawings, mainly from the Russian State Archive of Ancient Documents as well as from other collections. The resource is provided with a text search tool for navigation on the corresponding data about drawings. More than 700 drawings have got georeferencing. The map shows very rough geocoding images of drawings for a small number of recognizable landscape points. The territory shown in the drawing is designed on the map as a polygon. The user may transfer from the map to the data attribute table and to the raster image and vice versa. We keep improving this GIS (archival files description, quality of digitization, geocoding, etc.).


One more GIS-project entitled “Tver’ uezd in the 16th century" was added to “Our projects”.


The English version of the site has started.


The description of a web GIS "Sources on Historical Geography of the Bezhetsk Upland” was supplemented by a list of names and content of attribute tables. The web map was published as well!


One more GIS-project entitled “The karelians of the Tver land in the 17th-18th centuries” was added to  “Our projects”.  

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